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What are sales aptitude tests?

This is a test which is used or designed to evaluate if someone has traits and skills needed for a successful career in sales. A student from college or university may test his/her skills to ensure that he/she has the capability of putting his/her career into work.
Studying Hard
These tests identifies someone’s personality traits related to sales, helps one identify where his/her sales ability lays in the business fields such as marketing, sales force, customer relations management and technical sales. If one passes several sales aptitude tests, it means he/she matches the profile within the above-specified business fields.

Most sales aptitude tests are administered online while other are taken at testing centers such as sales offices and are usually paper based. Many employers in the sales industries use these tests after the candidates’ first job application. This enables them to select the unsuitable applicants without time wasting of selecting one by one.

It is believed that no sales aptitude tests is perfect but all they aim is to give an indication of how candidates will respond to the challenges they will face in their day to day role in the sales and marketing firm.

What is involved in taking a sales aptitude test?

Taking aptitude test involves first taking a practice similar to the actual test one is to do. This helps to improve the performance of the real sales aptitude test. One needs to practice the exam techniques and become more familiar with the types of sales aptitude tests to face by completing practice questions.

One needs to get a good sleep and plan for the journey to the test. Arriving on time and well-dressed is also recommendable. One needs to listen or read to the instructions given and follow them precisely.

The sales candidate is supposed to go through each question quickly and carefully to make sure all the questions are answered before the time elapses. The candidates are also advised to answer the questions correctly or leave them in case the test has a negative marking.

Since most sale aptitude tests are timed at 50 to 90 minutes, the candidate is advised not to stick to one question for long but return to it later after the end of the test. The sales aptitude test is like any other exam hence the candidate should treat it in a usual way.

Types of sales aptitude tests

Sales industry is vital industry that it does not only requires the natural and acquired sales aptitude but they also requires other abilities such as logical reasoning and also the ability to solve other complex issues in the market. Sales aptitude tests are therefore divided into four types as discussed below.

Personality tests (Try One Now)


These are sales aptitude tests used to measure the behavioral styles, attitudes and personality characteristics which are found to be relevant in the sales workplace.

These tests always measure the attitude towards and the ability to work with stakeholders, the task management style and the behavioral style towards the co-workers and executives. This also measures the ability of a person to cope with stress in the workplace, his/her decision making style, critical/creative thinking and also acceptance of change in the sales market.

Numerical reasoning tests (Try One Now)

The numerical reasoning is not only used to test your mathematical ability but more of the candidates’ ability to quickly and accurately analyze numerical data, interpret graphical data and draw of critical issues and conclusions from the data.

The numerical test is timed in a way that only 1% to 2% of the candidates can correctly answer the questions within the time limit. The types of numerical questions one is going to encounter in the test are:

  • Currency conversion problems to solve
  • Ratio problems
  • Financial reports to interpret
  • Percentage problems
  • Tables and graphs to be interpreted

Employers pay a great emphasis on the applicant’s numerical reasoning skills since it is very crucial in the sales and marketing industry. They therefore make the questions of high level of complexity and difficulty.

Verbal reasoning test (Try One Now)
Verbal Talk
The verbal reasoning test is designed to weigh the sales candidate’s oral and written verbal skills. It weighs the applicant’s aptitude or ability to quickly understand and perfectly bring work related concepts and information. The applicant should also show his ability to go through large amount of work and written data to identify important issues and logically draw conclusions. Numerical reasoning test, verbal reasoning test’s difficulty varies with the relevant activities and responsibility the applicant is to take in the industry.

Short passages of written information with number of statements are the major parts of the verbal reasoning tests. The candidate is required to decide whether the statements are;

  • True: this follows logic from the given information
  • False: this does not follow logical information provided
  • Cannot tell: this is when there is no sufficient information in the provided statements

The topics within the verbal reasoning tests contain materials from biological/physical sciences, social sciences and business related fields such as marketing, economics and human resource management among others.

The employer’s expectation from this test is to see your verbal reasoning ability in relation to sales role. The client also expects the candidate to demonstrate a strong capacity to quickly and perfectly identify crucial sales related issues and logically from the conversations. Also the capacity to communicate relevant issues in a clear and concise manner to both internal and external stakeholders such as any leads, referrals and clients.

Abstract reasoning test (Try One Now)

This test is designed to weigh or measure the candidate’s conceptual reasoning skills also referred to as lateral thinking or fluid intelligence. Abstract reasoning tests is used to measure the candidate’s ability to learn new information in a quick way, identify the patterns in a certain piece of data, integrate complex or difficult information and apply it to solve sales related problems.

As with other types of sales aptitude test mentioned above, this test’s level of difficulty varies according to the relevant activities and responsibilities the candidate is expected to solve in the sales industry. The test is also timed in a way that only 1% to 2% of the candidates correctly answer the question within the time limit.

A series of several shapes is the main part of this test. Each series of shapes has one or more logical rules that define a pattern among all shapes. Unfamiliar shapes are used in a series so as to create some element of surprise and confusion to make the task challenging. The main task in the abstract reasoning test can be;

  • Decide which the next shape in the series is.
  • Identify the shape that is likely to replace the missing one is the series.
  • Which shape is odd within the series?

Since abstract reasoning tests are essential to achieve successful performance in the roles of a sales person, the employer always expects the candidate to demonstrate strong skills. The candidate is expected to demonstrate a strong capacity to obtain new skills, integrate new information and assess clients.

In addition the candidate is expected to show his/her strong capability to identify trends and patterns in customers buying behaviour, market activities and portions in reference to the sales company tastes and preferences.

Who might encounter a sales aptitude test?

Random Facts
Candidates who are applying for a job in the sales market are most likely to encounter sales aptitude tests. Also a student immediately from college can do a practice sales aptitude test to weigh his or her ability in the sales field.

Random facts about sales aptitude tests

  • The sales aptitude tests are always difficult hence one is not expected to answer all questions.
  • The tests always have limited time and in many cases the time is divided per question depending on its strength. Each question is given an approximate of 50-90 minutes.
  • The tests are mostly used by sales employers and are increasingly administered online.
  • The tests always contain multiple choice questions and in some instances the answers may be misleading due to commonness.
  • Sales aptitude tests always escalate in difficulty so as to test the sharpness of the candidate.
  • The score of a sales aptitude test relates to the performance to an average group hence your relative ability or intelligence has a relative value to the average results of the candidate.
  • Mostly what is required to pass a sales aptitude test is an average performance.
  • Many sales aptitude tests incorporate a negative marking. In this case the candidates must not guess answers since this will affect their chances of passing.
  • Sales aptitude tests do not only help you secure a job but also help the candidate improve the starting salary, accounts assignments and the products to sell.

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